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A company led by big superheros, for little superheroes


In 1973 a young, passionate science teacher, Hessie Isaacs, began importing and distributing educational games, toys and teaching aids in South Africa. At first the main bulk of her imports were items sold to the school system and used in a classroom or laboratory by teachers. However, it soon became clear that there was also a strong call from parents and grandparents for good quality, educational, fun items to be available at reasonable prices in retail toy outlets.

This was the beginning of EDUCO (Pty) Ltd.

In the late seventies, still maintaining its focus on the educational value of their carefully selected products, Educo made the transition to becoming a wholesale supplier to the commercial toy trade.


We are one big family

As the business has grown over 45 years, so too has EDUCO transformed into a family business, with each member of our family and every person in our dedicated, wonderful team bringing something new, different and exciting to our dynamic business. Product selection, manufacture, import, marketing and distribution remain under the watchful eye of our dedicated team.


We make our own toys and games too

Today we continue our regular and sole-distributor imports, and continually add new and exciting products, sources and suppliers to our range. We also offer our own carefully designed and manufactured games, creative kits and Edudough.

EDUCO has grown to offer one of the widest and most varied range of excellent educational games and toys available in South Africa, and beyond.

We are proud to stock the following brands: